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House Cleaning Services 30a Florida

Standard house cleaning services Alys Beach FL

Your free time is precious. Do you want to spend what little you have keeping your apartment/house clean and tidy? At Local Luxury Clean we offer apartment and house cleaning services for every budget and every schedule.

Our attention to detail sets us apart. We get homes and apartments impeccably clean—and we remove more dirt, dust, and allergens than conventional residential cleaners.
Not only will we leave your home perfectly clean, but we also treat your home with the same care & respect we would trea your place our own. Our cleaning crews are thorough and aim to meet or exceed your expectations every time!

We also know how to take care of rare and expensive materials and exclusive interior furnishing. With our eco-friendly professional cleaning products and equipment, you can rest assured that your floors made out of rare wood and natural stones and your leather furnitures will be well taken care of.

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Deep cleaning service

Deep cleaning services
Alys Beach FL

Maintaining a clean house is a cumbersome task. Though regular dusting and mopping make your house appear clean from outside, there are certain areas where dust and dirt accumulate affecting the overall hygiene and look of the house. It is advisable to deep clean the house once every 3-6 months, so that the house remains bright, fresh and hygienic throughout.

With the help of our professional cleaning staff, Local Luxury Clean helps in keeping your Alys Beach house neat and hygienic. We select our cleaning staff after a thorough background check and provide rigorous training to them periodically.  This ensures that only the cream of the industry get to work through us and our customers get a supreme cleaning service.

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After construction cleaning service in Santa Rosa Beach

Post construction cleaning Alys Beach FL

Repairs and renovations are useful and necessary, but they leave a lot of dust and construction debris behind, which can take a lot of time to clean and remove.

At Local Luxury Clean we are specialists in post renovation cleans. Using the latest equipments and safety supplies and detergents to remove dust, paints, cement, glue, whitewash and debris, we can turn any renovation site into a clean, safe to live in space.

No matter if it was your Alys Beach FL home, office or commercial space renovated, we have the right tools, experience and knowledge to tackle any size post renovation cleaning.
Just give us a call and find out how we can help you.

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Move in cleaning service

Move in cleaning
Alys Beach FL

You have secured your new Alys Beach FL property, everything is packed and ready to move, but you want to make sure your new home is perfectly cleaned and ready for your family?

You have enough stress as it is, so do you really want to do a move-in cleaning as soon as you arrive?
Our home cleaning service professionally cleans up before you move in, so your new home is free from germs, bacterias, dust and dirt.

Save your energy for unpacking, and let us give your new home the move-in cleaning that it deserves.

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Move out cleaning service

Move out cleaning
Alys Beach FL

There are few things more stressful than moving. Throw packing and planning your move on top of kids, work, school, and lack of sleep, and you may wonder how you’re going to pull it all off. Wonder no more because Local Luxury Clean offers move-out cleaning services across Florida 30A. We’ll clean up your home so you can move out with a clear conscience.

The process of moving out and all the dirty buildup can leave your old place looking tired and worn out. From scuffs on walls and dirt in carpets to dingy bathrooms and kitchens, you don't notice how dirty things are until your old home is empty. If your empty place has you a bit overwhelmed, it's time to call in the experts.

When you use Alys Beach FL move out cleaning services, you save extra work and complete your move more quickly.

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Move In Cleaning Services 30a Florida

Vacation rental cleaning Alys Beach FL

You want to wow your Alys Beach FL vacation rental guests with a level of clean they’ve never seen. You long to make the kind of lasting impression that results in top-notch rental reviews and repeat business. But you need a cleaning service that can handle the demands and fast pace of the vacation rental business.

Local Luxury Clean can meet the expectations of you and your guests! We understand that your window of opportunity for cleaning a vacation rental is very small. When one guest leaves, you often only have a couple of hours before the next one arrives.

Our vacation rental clean-up team can handle the job. Cleaning, wiping, polishing—accomplishing every item on our cleaning checklist.
Do you have any areas that need special attention?
We’ll create a customized plan to meet your unique needs.

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Office Cleaning Services 30a Florida

Commercial cleaning services Alys Beach FL

Managing a commercial space can be stressful and you know best that no team member really enjoys cleaning when there's just so much to do every day - managing inventory, schedules, staging the place, helping customers out, and doing sales! This could lead to cutting corners, missing details and an overall lacking of cleanliness that could risk your business in these new times where cleaning is a priority.

What would you do with that extra time if a professional commercial cleaning team could take care of cleaning and disinfecting your commercial space every night?

We specialize in professional commercial cleaning service for co-working spaces, offices, zero-waste stores, daycares and schools, gyms, yoga and wellness studios, hair salons, restaurants and apparel and home goods stores

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